The Beauty of Mother Nature

Introducing the first of many photography submissions to be showcased in our RedLily™ “visual bliss” series. This heartwarming photo exposé depicts the quintessential beauty of how Mother Nature helps nurture our hearts, minds, and bodies.


Editor’s note: We know how much women love beautiful things—and when combined with nature, we are intrigued. Our first photo essay depicts Nature therapy, also known as Ecotherapy, which is a variety of techniques or treatments with the intention of improving an person’s mental or physical health when immersed in nature or outdoor surroundings. Welcome to “The Beauty of Mother Nature.” Text & Photos by Roy Ramsay.

Message from our photographer

In a world of whirlwind activity, multiple responsibilities, and never having enough time, we can all do this one thing to bring much-needed perspective back into our lives. The practice is known as forest bathing and it involves going to a forest and reconnecting with nature. The idea is to return to the nurturing and healing powers of Mother Nature.

While you walk through the forest; listen to the sounds that Mother Nature offers you…

The water from a nearby creek or river, the birds going about their day, or the wind rustling the leaves above. Feel the coolness of the air. Pick a spot in the forest, close your eyes, and listen deeper. Touch the rocks at your feet, feel the world in a way we don’t anymore, and breathe deeply. The forest offers a unique healing that each of us can connect to. Life begins here, lives here, and dies here; only to renew again.

Our spirit renews here as well because we are all connected to Mother Nature no matter where we are from. Connecting to Mother Nature in this way, can be done in other places as well; shorelines of lakes and oceans, rocky beaches, and lands of endless skies. Anywhere you can hear Mother Nature speaking to you (and feel her undeniable presence) is where you will find your perspective on life by healing your hearts, mind, and body.

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About the Photographer: Roy Ramsay is a professional photographer from Ontario, Canada. Roy has been creating photographs for more than 30 years; and is also a workshop instructor, educator, speaker, and former Editor-in-Chief of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. For more of his work visit,


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