Private 1-1 Consultation – Learn How To Attract Media and Become An Expert


Introductory 1-1 coaching call on how to attract the media’s attention and stay relevant. Ideal for those who want to gain exposure, land a cover, schmooze with editors, become an article source or expert, and get their cause or business venture talked about.

Time: 1 hour



Private 1-1 Consultation – Learn How To Attract the Media and Become An Expert: 1 hour

The media has gotten a bad wrap these days but there is a lot of positivity out there as well. However, believe us, the media CAN be a friendly place if you get the inside scoop from a media pro.

This consultation provides a brief “behind-the-scenes” look into the exciting (and often controversial) world of media and magazines. Ideal for aspiring writers, editors, reporters, journalism students, media instructors, new authors, influencers and entrepreneurs or those who want to become a public figure and/or quoted expert.

This is a “starter call” to give you a glimpse of what’s involved in this particular career path and tips on how to attract the media for your cause or business venture.


  • Get your name published in a mainstream magazine
  • Become a recognized expert in your field
  • Get quoted in the press
  • Become a subject matter expert
  • Navigate the pressures in the media profession
  • Stay relevant & marketable as a source
  • Land a magazine cover (the truth exposed!)

*Your exclusive coaching call will be with Kerrie Lee Brown – veteran journalist, magazine editor, media mentor, and founder of RedLily® publishing platform. Kerrie Lee Brown is published in more than 150 magazines worldwide and has led numerous mainstream publications during her career. She has also managed and mentored hundreds of writers, editors, media reps, and creative teams. Learn more about your coach.

NOTE: As soon as payment is processed, you will receive an email to confirm your consultation time/date. Please include your email address under “Special Instructions” on your order. Scheduling is flexible as long as both parties agree via email. 24 hours required for rescheduling. No refunds or cancellations. Up to six (6) months to book the call. 


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