Give to the RedLily® Cause and Help Us Promote Women’s Health


Your donation will help us further our mission, advance our platform, and continue to give the voiceless a much-needed voice.






Your donation will help us further our mission to help contributors share their story and heal from their wounds. You will assist in the advancement of our digital publishing process so we can continue to do what we do best. You will also be helping with any miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the creation and implementation of our upcoming RedLily® education & training services for women worldwide.


  1. RedLily® writers who want to get their stories published for the first time.
  2. RedLily® advocates who want to help us push our mission forward (every little bit helps).
  3. RedLily® affiliates & partners who want to help us build an innovative platform.
  4. Anyone who believes in RedLily® and wants to support our growing online community.
  5. Anyone who believes in spreading awareness about mental health, struggle & triumph, breakthroughs, health & wellness education, overcoming life lessons, personal development, healing and all-natural wellness products.
  6. Anyone who wants to show their love and appreciation for ambitious females in business.

THANK YOU for your donation to help the RedLily® cause. Our publishing platform is owned and operated by a female solopreneur who is passionate about sharing real-life stories with a worldwide audience.

Your generosity will go a long way.


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