Private 1-1 Consultation – Learn How To Get Published in Magazines


Starter 1-1 consulting call with a recognized media expert. Learn pro tips on how to get your story published in a mainstream magazine and stay top-of-mind in the eyes of reporters. Ideal for those who want to hone their writing skills, make a lasting impression as a great writer and get noticed by magazine editors.

Time: 45 minutes



Private 1-1 Consultation – Learn How To Get Published in Magazines: 45 minutes

When it comes to getting published by a reputable media outlet or publishing house – there are definitely a few tricks of the trade you should know. When to pitch. What to pitch. Why go with that angle? When to be persistent. When to move on.

But, perhaps it’s even easier than you thought.

This exclusive 1-1 consultation call will give you a good idea of what professional journalists are looking for from contributors and those who want to get their message across in a big way.

Ideal for freelance writers, content matter experts, public figures, ghostwriters, authors, PR professionals and entrepreneurs who can write and want to promote themselves and their mission.


  • Catch the attention of an editor
  • Get published in a mainstream magazine
  • Approach a member of the press at an event
  • Pitch the best publications for YOUR story
  • Land a magazine cover headline
  • Become an official contributor or columnist

*Your exclusive coaching call will be with Kerrie Lee Brown – veteran journalist, magazine editor, media mentor, and founder of RedLily® publishing platform. Kerrie Lee Brown is published in more than 150 magazines worldwide and has led numerous mainstream publications during her career. She has also managed and mentored hundreds of writers, editors, media reps, and creative teams. Learn more about your coach.

NOTE: As soon as payment is processed, you will receive an email to confirm your consultation time/date. Please include your email address under “Special Instructions” on your order. Scheduling is flexible as long as both parties agree via email. 24 hours required for rescheduling. No refunds or cancellations. Up to six (6) months to book the call. 


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