Charlotte Wussow

About the Author: Charlie Wussow is a mom, fitness enthusiast, physique model, and adventure seeker in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Her mission is to practice what she preaches in her work and personal life. She stays active with her husband by scuba diving and taking Taekwondo classes. Charlie is also a critical care nurse who works in the ER; and the owner of Charlie M. Fitness. She has overcome depression, obesity, feelings of abandonment, and self-confidence issues through hard work in the gym and working on her self-care. She is a fabulous 51 years old, but she began her fitness journey in her early 40s, when she divorced her first husband. Besides working out and traveling the world with her husband, Charlotte’s passions also include modelling, bodybuilding, and her fitness business where she helps women find their “best self” by achieving their individualized health and fitness goals. To contact, email: [email protected] or follow on Instagram

Her stories:

How My Fitness Journey Helped Me Survive

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