Quick Tricks To Stress Less

These days it’s impossible to balance it all, and that’s alright. From work to home to social life—there’s always something hindering us from keeping every ball in the air. The reality is, women try to do too much. Here are some quick tricks to stress less.


“Quick Tricks To Stress Less”

By the publisher,

Kerrie Lee Brown


There’s certainly no void of stress in our lives.

Ladies, here’s an important reminder that you need to “scale back” once in a while. You should take a break, re-evaluate your daily routine, and make yourself a priority. Trust me.

The following quick tricks to stress less should be applied sooner than later. Let’s go!

1. Detox the SM clutter

We live in a world where information is thrown at us every second. So, go through your social media profiles and get rid of any “friends” that don’t contribute to your emotional or mental well-being. In other words, people who might add unnecessary stress to your day with negative posts or comments. Your newsfeed is already littered with unwanted promotions and opinions—so stick with motivational websites, inspirational people, true friends, and family. Never feel obligated to remain cyberspace friends with anyone. Chances are they won’t notice if you delete them anyways.

2. Nix the mom guilt

Your kids will love you no matter what you do or don’t do. If you miss a few hockey games or basketball practices because you have a late meeting at work; or want to try out that new yoga studio down the road. They’ll get over it soon enough when you go the next time. Make sure the time spent with your kids is special, so you’ll both remember it.

3. If you work, do what you enjoy

Learn to recognize if you’re in a job that’s good (or not good) for your mental health. The added pressure in the workplace on top of your already incredible workload at home can create more stress over time.If it’s not appeasing your mental, emotional, and/or physical health—get the heck out!

4. Do some things great—not all things good

Prioritizing your personal projects at home or with the family can be agonizing when there’s so much you want to do, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Apply this same plan to your work and see how much your boss will appreciate the extra attention in certain areas. If something is not working for you; change directions.

5. Eat better

Cut out the caffeine and eat healthier. Even if you think you eat well, there are always ways to cut down your sodium intake, drink more water, and consume an appropriate amount of fats. Find this difficult to sustain? Make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist to find out if you’re nutrient deficient, which could be adding negatively impacting your health.

6. Tell someone

Keep the lines of communication open at work and at home. If you’re overwhelmed, stressed, or feel anxious about an area of your life—make sure to talk to your friends and family. Also, talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Believe us, it could save your life.

7. Meditate

Even for just 10 minutes a day—when you’re in the shower, on the train, or waiting in line. Clear your mind and focus on what’s good in your life. Just taking the time to breathe will make a big difference too. Any uninterrupted time will help cleanse your soul and allow you to listen to your body.

8. Say “no”

Take charge of your health and say no to additional activities or people that don’t align with your day’s priority list. Read a good book on self-care on your lunchtime or join a yoga class and relax. Your body and mind will thank you later.

9. Cross off your list

Too many loose ends and nagging to-do lists around the place will continue to weigh on your mind.Instead, get to know yourself inside and out. After all, you’re the only one who knows your mind and body better than anyone. And, if all else fails, make sure to listen to your heart and trust your intuition.

And, above all, stay positive!

Things will eventually fall into place.


About the Author: Kerrie Lee Brown is a women’s health advocate, business coach, speaker, and mom of two. She is also the founder of RedLily™. To read her heart story, including “10 Signs You Need to Slow Down”, check out her self-help book on Amazon.