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What My Kids Have Taught Me

We all go through life seeking the approval of others. For moms, the love and admiration of our children is paramount. This personal reflection will remind you of how much we can really learn from our children while they’re young. They really are our spirit angels during the good times and bad. Here’s “What My Kids Have Taught Me” by RedLily™ founder Kerrie Lee Brown.


“What My Kids Have Taught Me”

By the publisher,

Kerrie Lee Brown


Every time I look at my children, I am truly humbled.

I still can’t believe they’re mine. I know that they are a reflection of my flaws and attributes.

Underneath the dirt, cheekiness, messiness, and often craziness; they are real people trying to figure out the world around them. Where they fit in.

That’s where we as moms come in.

I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, and most importantly, a 40-something, sometimes control-freakish, mom with two awesome boys. Connor is 15 and Brock is 10.

Every day I thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to be their mom. I often wonder how they ended up choosing me.

On the day-to-day, I try my best to foster values and kindness in their hearts. I want my kids to be good role models—and know that hard work and determination is important to strive for.

I teach them to be strong and emotionally available. To treat others as they would want to be treated—and to always be there for their family and friends. I learn a lot from them, too.

As I said good night to them tonight at bedtime, I couldn’t help but think of all the things they’ve taught me in their little lives so far. (I still say “little” even though my teen is 6’2” and man-like, because they will always be my babies).

They have taught me to…

Love myself

They don’t care if my hair is done or if I have makeup on or not. They don’t care that my roots are coming in or I’ve put on a few pounds. I try every day to love that unfiltered me too.

Accept my faults

Even on my worst days (if I’ve been crying or feel beat down from the day) they accept all of me. The truth is, I know there will come a day when I don’t hear them screaming from the top floor, “Mom,… Mom,… MOM!” as soon as I step through the door. But, hopefully not in the near future.

Love unconditionally

The bond between a parent and child is formed from day one. Despite having experienced heartbreak and seen  friendships come and go over the years; my kids remain my most important constant.

Keep going

When I feel like something is impossible to get through—my kids motivate me to push through. I know they depend on me. So, in turn, I have to keep on striving and set an example. I want them to know that positivity and willpower are important to achieve a certain outcome.

Stay motivated

As their mom, I have a responsibility to show them grace during the tough times, and diligence when I have a project to complete. They deserve to see the positive results over time.

Accept the bad with the good

If I am feeling down or like the world is not on my side; they brighten my days by teaching me with the bad comes the good. My kids will always be the good in my life no matter what.

They’ve also taught me to be…


My kids are open-minded and always willing to take on new challenges at school and in their sports. They are young; and seeing things through their eyes is something I admire most.


They are my rock. I know that no matter what happens in life, my kids give me strength. They are a part of my soul. I am more open to taking on new things. Facing my fears.


My kids have shown me how to be softer and respect other opinions. I’ve learned that patience is invaluable—especially during the tough times. It has helped me to mature and grow as a woman in all areas of my life.


I thank my kids for accepting me for who I am—especially as I wade through the muddy waters sometimes. I try to express to them that life is what you make it. They should always choose happy. I tell them that they are fortunate to have everything at their fingertips. Hard work does pay off.

I’m not sure if my kids will ever read this. It’s okay if they don’t. But rest assured, they will always know the love of their mother through my actions and words.

Kerrie-Lee and her two sons.

I hope that they grow into loving, street-smart, grounded people who respect life and those around them. After all, my kids make me happy.

Yes, I’ll admit they can make me mad or sad at times.

But, they always make me proud.

They make me who I am today.

To end, I’d like to salute all moms out there who are humbled by their children every day. No matter how they came into your life, they are a part of you forever.

Please pass this article along to other amazing moms.

You are ALL doing an amazing job.



About the Author: Kerrie Lee Brown is a heart-health advocate, business coach, speaker, mom of two, and creator of RedLily™. To read her full heart story (including “10 Signs You Need to Slow Down”) check out her author profile and book on Amazon. If you like Kerrie-Lee’s writing, check out her inspirational poem in our Motivation section entitled, “Living With No Regrets“. 


    1. Kimberly, likewise! We appreciate your contribution in our Motivation section as well. Our life lessons are here to teach us in all areas of our lives. Our children are our greatest teachers. Thank you.

  • Kerrie this is a really beautiful article. And speaks volumes of the generous, kind and loving person you are. A true inspirational leader. And it is a true privilege to have experienced this with you both professionally and personally. You inspire me to be a better in all areas of my life.

    1. Wow, thank you, Tina. You inspire us! We appreciate your words and feedback here. This is exactly why RedLily was created. We want to spread our founder Kerrie Lee Brown’s mission to inspire others with heartfelt stories that help other women learn and grow. By sharing our stories, we can heal the world. XO

  • Kerry; you are , ‘right on the money’. As a Mother, Aunt, Gr. Aunt,and Grandmother, I could not have written it as well. Thank you, you are truly inspiring. Aunty Ruth

    1. Ruth-Anne, thank you for writing in. We appreciate every word and hope you stay tuned for more personal pieces like this. Feel free to submit something of your own. XO

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