Publishing Process Fee – Step One to Get Your Message Out There


Get one step closer to publishing your story on a globally recognized health & wellness platform for women.





You are one step closer to publishing YOUR STORY on a global health & wellness platform. This small administrative fee will help take you to the next step in our rigorous digital process.


  • Review of your story submission
  • Light editing and feedback from a professional editor
  • Communications throughout the review/publishing process
  • Your name, head shot & live link on the RedLily® Contributor’s Page
  • A custom author page with bio & live links to your published story (updated in perpetuity)
  • Formatting and design of your story
  • Custom RedLily® links for your files
  • Photo gallery where necessary in your story
  • Promotion on all RedLily® social media channels
  • Inclusion in our monthly newsletter
  • Permission to say you’re an official RedLily® contributor!


  1. Want your incredible success story published on our platform.
  2. Want to help us push the RedLily® mission forward (every little bit helps).
  3. Want to push YOUR personal or professional mission forward (think web links).
  4. Want to help us maintain the RedLily® website so we can continue to give the voiceless a voice.
  5. Believe in RedLily® and support our growing online community.
  6. Want to connect with other like-minded women worldwide.
  7. Are looking for a way to spread awareness about mental health, self-care or another important cause.
  8. Are a supporter of other people’s stories, personal breakthroughs, life lessons, passion projects and healing.
  9. Are interested in learning more about all-natural wellness products.
  10. Want to become a recognized author or public figure.
  11. Want to promote your business and build your personal brand.

Just like the majority of our published RedLily® contributors, our unique “publishing platform” is owned and operated by a female solopreneur who is passionate about sharing real-life stories that make a difference. The possibilities are endless once you’ve got your message out there!

THANK YOU for wanting to become a recognized RedLily® contributor.




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