Benefits of Good Oral Health

Taking care of your teeth is beneficial in and of itself, but it also has far-reaching benefits beyond a great smile. In case you needed a reminder, a healthy inside usually reflects on the outside. Here’s what the experts say about adopting a proper oral hygiene practice–and the benefits of good oral health for women.


“Benefits of Good Oral Health”

By the experts


Since our platform promotes all aspects of women’s wellness; we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of good oral health from the best of the best. The RedLily™ team spoke to Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin, a leading cosmetic dentist with a care-focused approach to oral health.

Here’s what we learned about why women should keep their oral health top of mind for their overall well-being. Don’t worry, we’ve got the inside scoop on your pearlies…

Why should women care?

Your teeth, just like your overall health, are hugely affected by the foods and drinks you put into your body—as well as the care you take of your cleanliness and general wellbeing.

“Women go through many different hormonal changes throughout life; this can cause irreversible damage in gums, strength of the bone and teeth if they are not taken good care of,” Dr. Sandra explains.

With that being said, there are few things more important to our sense of confidence than a beautiful, natural-looking smile. As a verified specialist in helping her clients to achieve the teeth they’ve always craved, Dr. Sandra uses the latest information and equipment in the field of dentistry.

“A body that feels great from the inside, looks great on the outside.”

Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin is an industry-leading dentist, based in London. She specializes in creating beautiful smiles with pioneering cosmetic dentistry that’s backed by studies at the prestigious NYU.

“There is no magical secret to being healthy; it all starts within. If your soul and mind are at peace and happy, everything else falls into place. Your eating habits, health habits, and oral hygiene habits.”

Throughout her career, Dr. Sandra has gained international notoriety as an exemplary cosmetic artist with a devotion to compassionate dental care offering a uniquely modern and care-focused approach. She is a huge believer that self-care is essential for all areas of health, including your mouth. Here’s a quick overview.

Top 3 benefits of good oral health for women

Healthy gums and teeth

Tip: Healthy teeth and gums don’t just look great–they feel great too.

It’s no secret that a nagging toothache is one of the most uncomfortable pains out there. In addition, tooth sensitivity can be irritating, restrictive, and painful at times. Gum disease, gingivitis, and these other unpleasant conditions, can easily be avoided by simply creating an oral hygiene routine that fits easily into your lifestyle.

Don’t forget to make regular trips to your dentist, too.


Tip: Carbohydrates in the food and drink you consume on a daily basis can create plaque when your teeth aren’t cleaned regularly. This is fuel for cavity-causing bacteria.

In fact, plaque can begin to form just 20 minutes after you’ve finished eating. That’s why it’s a good idea to brush your teeth at least twice a day—especially if you’re a frequent snacker.

A plaque-free mouth helps to prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Healthy body

Tip: Following a healthy and nutritious diet not only keeps your mouth healthy, but your body, too.

As a result, making one or two changes to your lifestyle can work wonders on your energy levels, immunity, and not to mention, your confidence.


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