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My Journey to Becoming a Certified Life Coach

While this sacred platform is a vehicle for personal transformation and healing for those who contribute and read our posts, it’s also a place for people to share and extend their expertise to help others in all facets of life. Ultimately, that’s why the RedLily® brand was born and why we continue to foster great connections and worldwide—including those who want to embark on a career as a life coach.

Diane Bruno is one of RedLily’s inaugural authors who has shared her personal and professional experiences with deep vulnerability and graciousness. We love her contributions and enthusiasm for our mission. This time she brings all of her learnings to the forefront in the most meaningful way—as a Certified Life Coach. We hope you enjoy Diane’s latest reflection outlining her next evolution of her intentional business as a Certified Life Coach—and her message resonates so perhaps you can work with her one day. 

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Embracing Transformation:

My Journey to Becoming a Certified Life Coach

By Diane Bruno


Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, and as we navigate through its complex terrain, we often find ourselves yearning for guidance and support during our most challenging times.

For me, becoming a life coach at this stage of my life has been a natural progression of my lifelong desire to help people when they need it most. I have weathered numerous storms, from personal loss to career changes, and I believe that my extensive life experiences have uniquely positioned me to guide others on their paths to fulfillment and success. Who knew my next adventure would lead me down the path of becoming a life coach?


A Lifelong Desire to Help

From an early age, I have had an innate desire to help people. I have always found immense satisfaction in supporting friends and family members during their most trying moments. Whether it was lending a listening ear during times of grief or offering advice during personal crises, helping others has always brought me a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


The Rollercoaster of Life

My life’s journey has had its fair share of difficulties. I have experienced the profound loss of loved ones, faced the uncertainty of job layoffs, navigated through the challenges of relationships, and embarked on multiple career paths. These experiences, though often difficult, have enriched my perspective and deepened my understanding of the complexities of human existence.

However, I have learned that it’s during these moments of adversity that I realized the power of having someone to lean on, to guide me, and to provide a fresh perspective. This realization ignited a passion within me to become a source of support and inspiration for others as they navigate their life challenges.


From an early age, I have had an innate desire to help people. I have always found immense satisfaction in supporting friends and family members during their most trying moments. 


Turning Experience into Guidance

Changing my career focus and becoming a life coach was not something I took lightly. It was born out of a desire to use my vast life experiences to help others find their way through life’s maze. Through my journey, I have honed the ability to empathize, to listen deeply, and to offer practical solutions to the myriad of problems that life presents. These skills, combined with my unwavering commitment to personal growth, made me realize that life coaching was the ideal platform for me to make a meaningful impact.


Certification and Skill Refinement

While I had been coaching people for some time, I decided to take my passion for life coaching to the next level by pursuing formal certification. I completed extensive training to refine my skills and gain a deeper understanding of the principles and techniques that underlie effective coaching. This commitment to professional development has allowed me to offer even more valuable guidance and support to those who seek my help.

Diane has always enjoyed helping others. As a result, her decision to become a certified coach has not only enriched her life but those around her as well.


A Transformational Odyssey

Transition is the perpetual, ever-present process of change. It is a journey we all undertake as humans, whether daily, monthly, or yearly. Sometimes, these shifts are deliberate, guided by mindfulness; other times, they occur subtly, slipping by unnoticed like a whisper in the wind.

My personal and professional story is one of profound transformation and transition – two words that hold a special place in my heart. I have been a part of the RedLily brand since its inception, and my admiration for its creator, Kerrie Lee Brown, knows no bounds. She has not only provided me with a platform through all the twists and turns of my life and career but has also inspired me to continually evolve. She stands as a living testament to the incredible power of change, consistently growing throughout her personal and professional journey.


After a successful career in corporate communications and public relations, I found myself yearning for deeper meaning in my professional life. Recognizing the profound impact of life’s transitions and challenges, I made a bold choice to embark on a new path.


Embracing Change: A Personal Odyssey

After a successful career in corporate communications and public relations, I found myself yearning for deeper meaning in my professional life. Recognizing the profound impact of life’s transitions and challenges, I made a bold choice to embark on a new path. I transitioned from being a corporate writer to a compassionate funeral director and grief counsellor, where I stood by individuals and families during their most vulnerable moments.

When an on-the-job injury derailed this career, I found myself back in the world of writing as a freelance digital content creator. Since then, I have undergone several transformations, including spearheading a lifestyle brand called HelloSelf. Now, I stand at the threshold of a new and exhilarating phase – that of a Certified Life Coach.

If you feel stuck or unsure of how to navigate your life, a certified life coach can help you identify opportunities that you may not see right in front of you.

Embracing the Role of a Life Coach

Fuelled by an unwavering desire to seek purpose and support others on their journeys, I embraced the role of a life coach. I realized that every individual’s path is unique, and by leveraging my experiences, skills, and professional training, I could make a positive impact.

With a wealth of life experiences, I can genuinely attest that I have traversed a diverse spectrum of paths. Through my journey, I have acquired profound insights, boundless empathy, and invaluable wisdom that I now offer as a certified life coach. The HelloSelf brand initially focused on the daily pursuit of building one’s legacy, has evolved. Now, my focus is on helping you shape that legacy into the most meaningful expression of your desires and aspirations.


“Introducing HelloSelf Coaching”

What Sets HelloSelf Apart: Why Diane’s life coaching practice is unique

From Early Adulthood to Midlife and Beyond: Whether you are navigating the critical decisions of early adulthood or grappling with the complexities of midlife and the challenges of aging, I am here to guide you with grace and resilience.

Tailored Expertise: As a Life Coach specializing in women’s life journeys, I bring a wealth of experience to address a wide array of transition issues, from career shifts and evolving relationships to loss, grief, physical transformations, and surmounting obstacles. My guidance, tools, and strategies are all customized to suit your unique circumstances.

Holistic Approach: I embrace every facet of your journey, delving into the emotional, psychological, physical, and practical dimensions. Through personalized coaching sessions, we collaboratively uncover your goals, tackle obstacles, and chart a course toward future successes.

Empowerment: I aim to equip you with the tools and insights needed to confidently embrace change and craft a life in alignment with your aspirations.

*For more information, visit HelloSelf Life Coaching 

Your Personal Guide and Partner

As your personal life coach, my mission is to guide and empower you through life’s challenges and opportunities. I am more than just a guide; I am your dedicated partner, committed to your growth and success no matter who you are and where you come from. I can help you weather the storms. In other words, through personalized coaching sessions, I will help you uncover your true potential and set the course for your aspirations.

Helping people weather the storm is something that you may seek a life coach for. Diane’s mission is to empower you and help you shine amid the darkness.


Navigating The Journey Together

I understand that life’s journey can be intricate and overwhelming at times. It would be my privilege to partner with you, offering a safe and non-judgmental space for exploration, growth, and self-discovery. Together, we will navigate the twists and turns, celebrate your triumphs, and address any obstacles that may arise.

There have been times during my career when I was caught off guard and angered by the changes that were forced upon me, along with the ensuing turmoil. But I have always tried to trust the journey and look forward to the next chapter. I am beyond excited to now be a certified life coach, as I know my desire to help others will be fulfilled in the most meaningful of ways.

Embracing transformation is not always easy, but with the right guidance and a commitment to personal growth, you can navigate life’s transitions with grace and resilience too! HelloSelf Life Coaching is here to support you on your journey towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I look forward to helping you Discover and Elevate the Power of You!




About the Author:

Diane Bruno is a Certified Life Coach, freelance digital content creator, blogger, and owner of Diane Bruno Life Coach, LLC and Diane Bruno Freelance, LLC. Diane is an empath who loves to write on life transitions and topics that touch the soul. Follow her on social media @helloself_life_coaching for updates and check out “HelloSelf – The Journal” available on Amazon. You can reach her directly at, and [email protected].


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