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About the Author:
Diane Bruno is a freelance content creator, blogger, and owner of Diane Bruno Freelance, LLC. Her blog “Hello Self” (helloselfblog.com, @helloselfblog) is about life’s journey and our inevitable transition. HelloSelf – The Journal is available on Amazon. Diane is an empath who loves to write on transitions and topics that touch the soul. She is Funeral Director/Embalmer in the states of CT and MA. You can reach her at dianebrunofreelance.net and [email protected]


Why I’m Talking About Ageism in the Workplace

My Great Resignation From A Career That No Longer Served Me

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How My Life Has Come Full Circle


  • This is really interesting! You’re a very professional blogger. I look forward to more stories on RedLily from you. I have shared your site in my social networks.

    1. Thank you for checking out our site and reading our content. Feel free to Submit your Personal Story so we can help heal others worldwide. RedLily

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