How to evolve your professional journey

Having worked in media for 25 years, I’ve learned first-hand the importance of showcasing the best version of yourself. It’s all about evolving your professional journey and knowing where to pivot when you need to. Over the years, I have witnessed women overcome many trials and tribulations: at work, at the gym, and on the home front. As a result, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to share pertinent “struggle to strength” messages to various audiences today. Read along as I share my personal experiences in work and health – as well as practical tips to evolve your professional journey. It’s time for you to reach your untapped potential.


“How to Evolve Your Professional Journey”

By Kerrie Lee Brown


I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry ever since graduating from journalism school in my early twenties. My first magazine job was catapulted by my first “real” boss, world-renowned fitness and bodybuilding publisher Robert Kennedy (who has since passed). I started my professional journey as the assistant editor of MuscleMag International, and shortly after, Bob asked me to launch an international men’s title under his direction. Of course, I said yes!! 

Staying focused

After months of editorial strategy and brand planning, I happily became the editor-in-chief and founding editor of the industry’s first celebrity fitness men’s publication, American Health & Fitness magazine. I traveled around the world and spent my time between Toronto and Los Angeles – loving every minute.

When an opening came up on the women’s content side, I swiftly moved into the sought-after position of editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and was charged with overseeing the entire women’s fitness category. Believe me, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that hard work, drive, and determination are attributes that will get you noticed in the media and publishing world.

Dreams do come true

Kerrie Lee Brown with the late Robert Kennedy.

After over two decades working in print journalism and the corporate world, I aim to shape my message in the best way I know how, which is expertly utilizing my skills as a global journalist to further my business aspirations and professional journey.

I also spent five years as a senior communications executive and spokesperson at an international mind/body company where my creative management skills, media relations, brand building, and digital experience came in handy.

Twenty years later, I am extremely proud of my portfolio collective and now work with a variety of high-end clients in Canada and the United States. I also serve as a heart health ambassador, writing mentor, editorial consultant, public speaker, and author. Read my mission about educating women on the importance of heart health.



My 10 tips for success in the creative industry:

1. Trust your inner voice during your professional journey.

2. Find a mentor and learn as much as you can. Spend time observing.

3. Set goals and attain them, then start a new list of to-dos.

4. If you work in the creative industry, start building your brand.

5. Always learn from your mistakes; never blame your colleagues.

6. Write, write, write! Hint: I turned my journal entries into a book!

7. Take opportunities in stride. Something good will come from them.

8. Accept where you are in your career and realize each step matters.

9. Figure out where you want to go in your profession and work towards it.

10. Build a portfolio. Keep a copy of your articles and on-air clips.


Taking a risk and turning a pivotal corner

Sometimes change is GOOD. Really, really good! The decision to leave my former editorial roles for a few years came at the perfect time when the magazine world was shifting from print to predominantly web-based publishing. My “corporate” experience has aided me in landing new clients and working with established brands who are also evolving with the times.

Eventually, I returned to media as the executive editor of Today’s Parent magazine at the national conglomerate, Rogers Media. I still credit my tenure at these first publications as the building blocks for my entrepreneurial endeavours today. Note: If you’re interested in working with me on a consulting or per project basis, contact me anytime. View my portfolio

Someone saw potential in me and took a chance on my fresh-out-of-school skills. With a passion for writing and creating pertinent messages, I was able to gain credible experience doing what I loved to do.

The next step in my evolution

Fast forward a few more years and I’ve since published a book about my unexpected health struggles. I’m also working closely with high-end clients in the areas of education, real estate, luxury lifestyles, travel, and fashion. In addition, I’ve launched my own proprietary lifestyle brand and storytelling platform to help women share their stories in their own words.

In other words, I am still doing what I love… only now it’s with a slightly different focus which is to make an even bigger difference across the world.

It’s no secret that health and fitness content is in my blood. I also believe that women can discover their untapped potential at any age or life stage. This is super important to me. I’ve always had an innate desire to help women live happy and healthy lives. Today, my RedLily mandate helps me help others.

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, please do. And, again, if you’d like to submit your story on my storytelling website, I’d love to hear from you!


Kerrie Lee Brown is published in more than 150 magazines worldwide.

Everything comes full circle

A year ago, I was contacted by my long-time friend, fitness icon Monica Brant. Knowing my fruitful background in health, fitness, and writing VIP profiles, Monica wanted to introduce me to the lovely Sarah Lyons, founder of PictureGroove Photography and Epic Destination Shoots, and publisher of BodyScape Magazine. I couldn’t believe how the universe was pulling me back to physique magazines. Today, I am their exclusive Celebrity Profile Writer.


Kerrie Lee Brown is styled by BodyScape Magazine associate editor Monica Brant.

Furthering my professional journey

The truth is that any chance I get to work with inspirational female entrepreneurs – I’m all in. The bonus this time is that I get to immerse myself in even more “real-life” success stories, while also promoting my bliss business. My recent collaboration with recognized photojournalist Sarah Lyons has been a wonderful experience so far – and a great next step in continuing the evolution of my professional journey.

Cover model Laura Chao

As BodyScape Magazine’s Celebrity Profile Writer, I write the magazine’s cover stories each issue; as well as contribute a column called “Kerrie’s Corner” where I share my wellness tips and tricks.

All of the women who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing to date have incredible stories; and I am honoured to turn their experiences into magic on paper alongside Sarah’s stunning photography.

As if you can’t tell, women supporting women is high on my radar these days. Any time I can meet and connect with new people, I feel like the world has opened a new door. Recently, I was fortunate to interview the sensational Annieca at a shoot before penning her profile; and I also had the chance to get to know the beautiful Dr. Sarah Gueli before her feature went to press. These are the personal experiences that I now cherish. Check out these ladies’ profiles and so many others here. You never know, maybe one day I will interview you and write YOUR cover story.


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Expand your brand with AMAZING photography

As a journalist, I realize the importance of words. After all, writing is my passion. But as a storyteller, I can go one step further and be a voice for the voiceless. After years of creating and curating publications that target various demographics, I also understand the significance of photos that tell a story. Having worked with many art directors and visual artists along the way, my content creation methods are even more refined. You know the old saying, it takes a village? Well, it does. 

On that note, another amazing part about working alongside the BodyScape Magazine crew is that I have the opportunity to join forces with incredible women who are just as motivated as I am about their work. Publisher Sarah Lyons also offered to take some photos of me in Phoenix, Arizona, so I could experience what it was really like working with her team. Talk about believing in me and my endeavours. And, while I’m no stranger to being on camera, I was super excited to participate in a mini branding shoot for RedLily. She made me feel incredibly comfortable on set and her attention to detail was bar none. Not a thing was missed.

While there, veteran fitness model Monica Brant pulled together my outfits and helped me pose. She knew exactly what looked good (and what didn’t). Meanwhile, Arizona-based beauty expert Leiah Scheibel dolled me up to create this stunning, glam look. I felt like a real model. The timing was perfect. I had just launched my new RedLily wellness line and I wanted an updated, professional look for my online presence. And,…oh my gosh,… just look at the outcome…

Professional branding photos of RedLily founder Kerrie Lee Brown taken by Sarah Lyons.



“I would definitely recommend booking with PictureGroove Photography if you need new head shots, branding visuals, or fitness/beauty shots in the future. And for anyone thinking about a more exclusive, glamorous shoot, you can’t go wrong booking an Epic Destination Shoot. Sarah Lyons will certainly put you at ease in front of the camera, no questions asked.”

— Kerrie Lee Brown, heart health advocate and founder of

I’d love to interview you

Picture this: Heading to your dream photoshoot destination where everything is waiting for you. As you arrive and are greeted by one of the leading photographers in the world, Sarah Lyons, and International Fitness Pioneer & Celebrity Monica Brant, you feel the energy and connection with the Epic team, and the reality of your dream starts to take shape. Now it’s your day to shoot, and YOU are the superstar….


Kerrie Lee Brown poses with Monica Brant and beauty expert Leiah Scheibel


Just like my exciting photo shoot in Phoenix, the Epic team comes complete with top hair and makeup artists at each location, and within a short while, your glam squad has you looking like perfection. Then, as you step in front of the camera, your personal Detail & Personal Posing Coach Monica Brant elevates your confidence with years of professional modelling experience (including 100+ covers to her name). Finally, your entire day is captured forever by the uber talented Sarah Lyons. But, the best part? When it’s all done, you have stunning photos you can use for personal branding purposes and memories that will last a lifetime.



I will be in Sedona, Arizona on September 17-19, 2021 with PictureGroove Photography interviewing potential cover models about their dreams, aspirations, and what they’ve overcome to get where they are today.

Come join us!


Why I am sharing this with you

My RedLily professional journey reflection is about how I took risks to pursue my dreams – and how strength and perseverance made my journey a reality despite some unforeseen health issues along the way. But, I pushed through, and so can you. This is one of the reasons why an Epic Destination shoot is in your future – it’s your chance to show the world what you can do, where you’ve come from, and where you are going. Just like me: I needed a boost and I got it.

There’s no time like the present. When I launched my storytelling platform two years ago, I knew I had to make a big impact as an established entrepreneur on all my platforms. New photos made my digital presence stand out and all of a sudden I was getting noticed by new media outlets and nonprofits who wanted experienced authors and speakers for events.

Book an Epic shoot with Sarah Lyons today!

How to book your shoot

Let’s make this a win-win for everyone! The following outlines a few simple steps you have to take in order to book your own Epic photo shoot. DM me privately if you’d like to learn more about this opportunity. 

  1. Visit Epic Destination Shoot to learn more about upcoming destination shoots.
  2. Book a FREE Zoom call with the owner of PictureGroove Photography Sarah Lyons.
  3. Mention that you heard about Epic shoots from Kerrie Lee Brown on her RedLily site  🙂
  4. Lastly, BOOK your Epic shoot!

In closing…

Now that you’ve gotten this far, I hope you’ll take some time to reflect on your own journey. My advice? Believe in your talents and aspirations because you can achieve your goals if you stay positive. I am living proof.


I just want to help women in the best way I know how. That’s why I participate in projects driven by female entrepreneurs who believe in promoting “real” women. Read my founder’s message – and don’t forget – you can become a recognized contributor on my storytelling platformAgain, my mission is to share women’s heroic stories of struggle to strength.


I started RedLily because I know what it’s like to want to make a difference in people’s lives. I also know that your beautiful, complicated, experienced self deserves to be given a safe, community-oriented platform.

All women have stories with teachable moments. I promise that yours will make a difference in some way. If you’d like to read my BodyScape Magazine cover stories to date, you can order back issues anytime. Writing these features is my way of giving back to an industry that I love and know so well.

Until next time,




About the Author:

Kerrie Lee Brown, founder of RedLily. Photo by Sarah Lyons

Kerrie Lee Brown is a heart-health advocate, business coach, speaker, mom of two, and creator of RedLily®. To read her full heart story which includes 10 Signs You Need to Slow Down, check out her book on Amazon. Also, find out why she created this platform for women just like you! Connect here:

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  • What a wonderful and gorgeous article, Kerrie! Thank you so much for including me and my 3 brands. It’s an absolute honor to work with you any chance I get. I’m very grateful for everything you do. Thank you again! You’re the best Celebrity Profile Writer that BodyScapeMag could ever ask for.

    1. THANK YOU, Sarah 🙂 I really enjoy writing your cover profiles. All of the women you photograph are super inspirational – each person with a unique message – and a beauty that shines through from the inside out. I love what you’re doing with your magazine and Epic Destination photo shoots. You’re giving women an opportunity to share their truths through stunning pictures in so many amazing places,,, from Arizona to Miami to … o.m.g. … where are you going next with your glam crew??? I’m so happy I can help with my interview process and profiles – and can’t wait to meet new, glamorous cover models in person at upcoming shoots. I love being a part of it!

      Talk soon,
      Kerrie-Lee Brown
      RedLily founder and BodyScape Magazine celebrity profile writer.

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